Meet Dr. Charlie (Charles Smithdeal MD, FACS)

Dr. Charlie says, “Deb and I show our clients how to  remove their phobias, fears, and all limiting beliefs that hold them back.”

Our method is pleasant, fast, and affordable. More importantly, it works!

So…who are we anyway?

As an M.D. and highly respected surgeon, Dr Charlie spent more than 25 years applying his surgical skills to help people restore their physical health. He has also written 12 self-help books to help people improve the way they live. Dr. Charlie focuses today on helping people become emotionally and financially healthy and happy.

Dr. Deb Smithdeal holds a PhD in Hypnotherapy, and is a certified master in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is also a certified Anxiety Relief Specialist and expert at removing phobias and fears.

“Deb and I have devoted our lives to helping people,” Dr Charlie says, “and we have earned a very good income by doing so.  In my surgical  practice,  I often  felt limited that I could only help one person at a time.  Networking and the leveraging power of the Internet  have removed this limitation forever.”

In addition to being a highly successful surgeon and author, Dr Charlie and his wife – Dr Deb Smithdeal – co-founded two non-profit foundations: “For the Love of Animals Foundation” and “For Love of the Arts Foundation.”

The amazing method that enables us to quickly remove phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs is known as Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART.)

ART is based upon methods described by meridian therapy pioneers Dr George Goodheart (Emotional Stress Release- ESR,) Dr Roger Callahan (Thought Field Therapy – TFT,) Mr Gary Craig (Emotional Freedom TechniquesEFT®,) and Tapas Fleming (TFT.) On request, we also teach Self-Hypnosis to select clients.

“Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART) is the most effective method of fear removal that I have ever witnessed in my many years of helping people improve their lives.” Dr Charlie.

“Unlike the older, conventional methods that require months or years before seeing desired results, by using Anxiety Relief Techniques®(ART,) our clients typically experience total elimination of any fear or phobia within an hour or two.” Dr Deb.